Bumper Sticker Christianity - $25

Almost everywhere we turn these days we are faced with another bumper sticker (or status) about God. Ever wonder what God’s Word says about some of the most popular words floating about? This series will give you the opportunity to expose the Truth behind some of the most popular Christian catch-phrases and help your audience consider more deeply the words they are sharing with the world about their God.


  • Poster (11x17 300 dpi) PDF
  • Sermon Notes (5.5" x 8.5" @ 300 dpi) PDF
  • Title Slide (1024x768px 4:3) @ 72 dpi
  • Blank Slide (1024x768px 4:3) @ 72 dpi
  • PowerPoint Presentation File
  • PSD Title Slide and Blank Slide (1024x768px 4:3) @ 72 dpi
  • Web Banner (960x250px) @ 72 dpi
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