More Than the “Cool” Factor

Don’t get me wrong… I love the cool stuff… But, there is more to the story…

Visual sermon content is not developed for the purpose of being cool, edgy, or relevant.  If you are a pastor, you know that the depth of your sermon is the good stuff.  Yours is the meat – the main course – the reason they’ve come…the words the Holy Sprit has revealed to you.  Your sermon is telling a story.  The Spirit is using the Bible to change people’s lives… yes! Making a “cool” or “relevant” graphic for the sermon is good… but it’s not enough.

The visual content that you see should be telling the same story.  More than cool, it should include as much depth and intentionality as your story.  Arriving at a “cool series graphic slide” for the sermon breaks down when – let’s be honest – sometimes the message of the Bible is not what most would categorize as “cool”.  The story that you are telling is not cool… in fact it is hard, and gut wrenching.  I’ve never found my pursuit of holiness to be “cool”.

Take a quick journey through the Bible and we will see that there wasn’t a whole lot of cool going on. Don’t miss this… cool is good.  But cool isn’t the reason why we design sermon graphics.  It’s the story… the message of the Gospel; God’s Word and his pursuit of us.

Can we have both cool and depth in a sermon graphic?  Yes.  Will we exchange such intentionality to the relevancy of God’s Word to today’s people for “coolness” and edge-factor? No. We will strive to help you tell the story. We will design to engage the audience with that story, not just with cool.